Who We Are?

ernie castro, principal

Ernie is a CA State Certified Access Specialist (CASp #618).

He is a CA Licensed General Building & Engineering Contractor with over 30 years of experience in nearly all areas of commercial and residential construction inspection and management.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Fresno State University (1987) and studied Architecture at Arizona State University.

What is a CASp?

The State of California wants businesses to be completely accessible for everyone. To help make this happen, they created a program to certify individual inspectors. After passing the State tests, they get the title “Certified Access Specialist” (CASp).

Why consult with a CASp?

A CASp has passed an examination and has been certified by the State of California to have specialized knowledge of the applicability of state and federal construction-related accessibility standards. A CASp will know which standards apply to your property based on the age of your facility and its history of improvements.


CASI - Certified Access Specialist Institute

  • Member is a recognized leader for knowledge and implementation of local, state and federal access codes and laws.
  • When you use a CASI member CASp, you can be assured that you have hired someone with dedication to their profession, who is willing to put their expertise and knowledge to use for your benefit.